The Lionheart Gunblade is obtained as a drop after defeating Chaos.


Lionheart Gunblade o

The Lionheart Gunblade as it appears in the game

Drop Chance: 40%

Base Damage: 148
Melee Speed: Very Fast
Critical Strike Chance: 4%
Knockback: Strong
Description: "Of gunblades, the finest

model is the Lionheart"

Special FeaturesEdit

While the Lionheart Gunblade is an amazing Melee Weapon on it's own, it also has the ability to shoot bullets every 0.9 seconds while swinging. It uses every kind of vanilla Terraria bullet (musket balls, silver bullets, meteor shots, etc...) as ammo, and does the same base amount of damage as the blade does when used as a Melee Weapon (it is undetermined if the bullets are counted as melee or ranged damage, making accessory buffs a little confusing)